About the Artist Joaquín Torres
Joaquín Torres has been dedicated to liberate the influence of knowledge and the need to know to be able to immerse himself in the water. To the point that now he only emerges to breathe under the name of Flowers In Water.
Joaquín artworks at this stage are the exhalation of form when he emerges to the surface to liberate the water from the structure of the previous experience and leaving behind a free standing form that he trust will help the viewer enrich her life by relaxing into the sensations that may bring at the moment.

About the process:
Artwork is made as a result of a meditative process that started more than twenty years ago. To respect the intimacy of the whole process. Each piece is kept away and from other people interaction until completed. Then it is sealed with a seal that contains his name, Flowers In Water, on the back in blue. A low quality picture is taken for the online purpose of this website. Then it is stored in archival conditions until a person is interested in purchasing a piece. Artwork remains unseen until it leaves his archival conditions to nourish the new home.  Then, artwork is sealed again with the same seal at front or back according to the new home preference. 

Joaquín Torres loves to travel and would be happy to deliver artwork in person when possible. He would remain in the area for a few days exploring while making himself available for the person to enjoy conversation about the artwork and how to contemplate it to be an ever standing piece that nourish your life.

Contact Information:
Cell: 347-459-0782

CT, United States