Naturalism & Mono No Aware

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Mono No Aware and Naturalism is to me to hold an inner state of fluidity  that naturally liberates waves to completion  in the form of art that preserves intimacy.

Naturalism & Mono No Aware

On an early morning visit to the misty lake, my mind started to stir up to create. Why is this happening again if the nature of my mind is to listen? To be in the water requires the ability to listen and not because I will bring something out for me though for patterns to be released in beauty when it reaches its maximum internal state that naturally brings oneself deeper.

In the dialogue with the water, we realized that something may be on the surface of the water. Then we noticed a person on a fishing canoe patiently waiting on the yin side of the lake. Barely visible and with subtle waves reaching the shore on our end. I noticed, while the water kept listening, that the fisher person was showing me a reflection of the ego, the type of artist, or poet that now loves the water, the feeling of love that comes from myself and the water. The ego, the old standing form, was nourishing himself from it and now waits, silently, on the yin side without becoming yin, without being alive, waiting to fish for some inspiration.

Mono No Aware & Naturalism is to me to hold an inner state of fluidity  that naturally liberates waves to completion in the form of art that preserves intimacy.

I feel that the nature of all things that are alive is because we let them happen. A picture, a representation that emerges to be liberated will not contain the real essence but the potential to awake in the viewer a deeper desire to surrender any madness of the "I", even if it is a reflection of tranquility, to the serenity inside the water.

It is no longer to tell the muse how to pose or even to bring inspiration but to surrender to her, and let her bring me back to life, which wherever is worth only to continue. To feel and to listen rather than to tell, to express ourselves in ways that will not bring ripples but will make us ripple. To feel fully naked when still being dressed, or someone only to see oneself when one is naked.

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