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Mono No Aware
         Unknowing                         Ambade


            Study I                                     Study II

               Volcanoes I                          Volcanoes II

         Tulip                                       Ginko
Unknowing: 2021
These is a serie of two paintings.
"Ambade" started in 2018 and concluded on 2021.
"Unknowning" was created in 2021 and completed prior to "Ambade", then a new layer was added with the new state of consciousness.
Ambade is a new word from the combination of "Seudade" and "Albedo", representing the feeling of knowing and not being able to return to the original state of being because of it.
- Price: 69,900 USD
"Unknowing" is the process of unknowing so oneself can return to one original state of water.
- Materials: Black Chinese,  white acrylic, and Icelandic water on unframed canvases.
- Size: 47" by 35"
- Price: 69,900 USD

Studies I & II: 2021
These is a series of studies on paper for sculptures in stone.
- Materials: Watercolor paper, charcoal, white acrylic paint, black India Ink, Icelandic water
- Study 1Size: 16"x12"
Price: 9,000 USD
- Study 2 Size:12"x16"
Price: 9,000 USD

Volcanoes: 2021
- Volcanoes I: Melting
Price: 9,000 USD
- Volcanoes II: Melted
Price: 9,000 USD
These is a series of 2 artworks on paper 16" x 12" each.
Materials: Watercolor paper, charcoal, white acrylic, black India Ink, Icelandic water

Mono No Aware (Timeless)
-Tulip: "Do you see, I came out just to breathe and return to the waters."
Size: 12"x18"
Price: 2,900 USD
- Ginko: "If the whole tree comes from water, what are you holding on?"
Size: 18"x12"
Printing Method: DSH "Digital Silver Halide"-  Please ask for different sizes that may follow better to your needs. On paper or metal.
Price: 2,900 USD