What happened during the making of AMINLOVE Fall-Winter22-23
I was applying previous studies with dances and moves during the cold winter. Discovering how the runes that I studied before have resemblances in the human body. I through axes while applying phycology to it and a new physiology started to develop according to ergonomics of the body. Daily I walk naked on the snow at some point as I previously loved and still do nudism, which is a practice of naturalism. With the practice the spirits of nature started to develop and though me more. I followed a deer longer than usual and was led until it was the time to return. I walked over the ice that was over water and mud under. To know which I knew about sinking relations as if I remain on thin ice I was sank. A walked with a tiny bleed of red blood. A stone was given which resemble the pelvis of a human being. With it I played music. On another day as the ax broke, I made a new handle out of oaks and pines wood. I discovered the origin of flutes and pan flute. How it started. A moment of inspiration as I was relating with Giant  energy related to dinosaurs. Original dances developed that are now saloon dances, helped to be reveal after dancing with a small spring of oak tree. The opposite to my horoscope. I am writting this because during me playing music with the stone-instrument I was interacting with some bands music that I love and I felt they got a moment of inspiration and that is legitimate. Wardruna, Skald, Faun, Sidonie, The Gift, Miss Monique. When I was doing three portraits listening to music: The Cure, Mariza, ---  ; and when closing the developing of the psychology of a restaurant to develop after the sharing in person when hired for portraits I was listening to a Gothic band ----swan.  Other bands interactions through Youtube as well  (and I pay for my internet) : David Bowie, La Mala, Taylor Swift, Bebe, Sigur Ross. Recently with some Doomer music as I was doing the Spoken Walks as a continuation of the book Camino de Santiago: 40 Contemplations As You Walk written and unpublished by me, I was listening also to León Benavente, Amaral, Sidonie, Nena Daconte. I feel comfortable with the moment of inspiration that they may have gotten and know that it is a vibration that relates with the work that I did that contains some inspiration in intuitive music based on the moment.  I designed a dilDo instrument and a new method to write music according to my work that would allow others to learn and to record. On a personal note, the written before was the end of the Snare that Hits and Bites before I get eating or bitten. In others words, adjustments of kundalini movement. Recently I am teaching my body and learning  to be very efficient when I sleep or laying down. 
An appreciation of exchange in a monetary form is appreciated following the method of Zelle in the amount preferred or suggested in the USA or a different method from Europe to speak about. Know that my Cyrillic studies has brought me to some different ways of written. May look that mistakes to you and that is usual. It they are, normal they are and eventually that wisdom I use to take back the stolen light.