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From 2018 to 2021 I did three paintings and the side collections of pictures along with it Light Before Light, Time Before Time, and Space Before Space. It deal with many historical aspects and contained calligraphies and synthesis of all alphabets. I had them expose at the Airbnb room at the apartment in Brooklyn, a room that was use to pay for that space while enriching the life of guests along with us. Welcome was great people from everywhere while leaving a day in between so the room did not accumulated any of the previous person or couples. The collections was presented to OUI gallery as a way to interact in life sessions to process fears. Covid19 erupted energetically and I said "Now!" and it was October
when I said "Now". I shared a couple of life sessions on Instagram real time as an example of what was going to be. I found an artwork piece of it through the Instagram account of a close person to me. It was a projection of a rain of light that was falling down and as counterpart was a Tao-Dao that was left without a space for a reason. In a way the artist was responsible and it was no. I had the whole collection available at along with the three times I participated at . The collection became and I felt and I said that if it did not sale by that time I would dump the object. And I did and it was by the Solstice 2021. Same happened when the time came last year for Come to Know Me.  The first one deal with what created WW1 and WW2 along with the possibilities of WW3 and the natural response of pandemics as counterparts of controls in ways out of control.  Before I moved to USA the collection MaraedentroCaminoRojo based on Women That Runs With Wolves by Pinkola Estes (2005-2011) was exhibited at El Caminante Art Therapy School where I did a lecture along with the 10 paintings and two sculptures. A collection of 5 double possibilities photography was stolen or lost in Iran (2008?). The destiny was the University of Tehran International Contest and contained between the dynamics of this or that.
Yes, the art was done throwing axes to certain trees showing dynamics. Yes you are not going to die if you through axes to trees rather than living within your REM states wishing to go out to the forest to find a tree to through axes. Rather your states lives in movies making money out of you. Regardless if it is dancing, or singing even on the streets.
Know that it is just me and aware
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