At the time of my Oath to the USA while also sustaining my Citizenship with Spain-Europe. I crossed my fingers during the ceremony in Brooklyn to know what of me would be required according to my interview. The solution is in the collection me_23 which is an organize response to the dynamics generated during Wars since the moment Egypt fell. Rather than a chaotic response that is normally war and pandemic, or all at the same time, etc. The object is there with a document on how segments relates in digital forms to review history and the two cut trees from nature that I found in France. Nature moves consciousness not just the Earth and vice versa. Aware no all are and only a few  that the roll of the USA relating to the World has been to observe how they resolve their own conflicts and act as a resolution method. A result of migrations created with different purposes and intentions. Know that even nature or pernicious earths can get into the body. A way to relax the muscles of the eyes like when we seek open spaces to find a different awareness within enclosed spaces.  It was a peaceful space. No phones, a reason I don't go to museums.