They are permanent aNd are call installations because I am aware they would create a movement. People will dance and relate.. The sculptorical plaZas would remain alive because their accumulative content would transform during the changes of temperatures. Therefore they would not be transferred content that becomes pernicious. During the last year. Specially since the last fall-winter I was performing different arts. For example an aspect of the Beat Generation, Poets, Artist along with Art movements. I studied all seating and barely walking and this time I felt to perform it as I was walking or dancing listening to music or just me. Three different sets of keys developed before the development of plaZas. The keys became an object of merchandising that equals a pilgrimage without the connotations or associations.  Like I did in France, I invited a loving young woman attracted to me with an invitation to be portrait. You may expect of me to perform or dance at some times at some places. May you be aware of the vibe that would rise rather than the daftness love of locks over a bridge. Remember Romeo and Juliet or any other examples across cultures and countries.  Along with it there was the content of the many hours seating as a child studying the different tenses of the Spanish language . Words that you see are combination of contents that are evolved and would move as people of determinate fires ore metaphysical. In other words,  there are also tempers that would feel less likely to visit or participate. A movement of emotions within relations that we all have. For example when I invited a woman to be portrait in France over a table of friends. Some elders laugh at me. I sat and I asked. They said that men don't do that and she is younger. We were gazing at each other and I left a note to her. I said women also grow and it was given to the women that I felt are asking and they will. Before I designed a method, portraets to meet the passion of hiring me.  
The design would be given with the psychology of it  and then provided by the institutions. I visited a bronze casting art foundry in Manhattan and I work at Broadway as a diss dressing person (Means making clothes look emotionally after living situations). Evita.

todas as praças serão teatros de artes cênicas ar livre que ecoa é amigável com crianças.

Joâquin Torres

Eugene, 23-24