I live i n poetic wayS.  tHe dilDo instrument contains information from my Banana practice. A deep wisdom secret from the human body. ALong with thE effecT of vibratiOn recalibration of NoteS that affects the body. I left Auto-Mechanics long time ago when I realized I needed to live to create the new vibe of the human body along with the objects and tones tht would help others to calibrate. I mentioned before to a couple that what would happen if someone gets into someone else car or chariot of heavens. It contains archangel coDes along with the other 3 instruments that I have designed listening to music and plants. I learn with nature and for that reason I listen to music and sing. But I also raised and opened my hands as I tend to interpret what I feel or perceive. I don't keep judgments or marks for dancing or singing listening to music to my tone like I am seating with someone else on a bar. I like my  time and often I like to sat within the range view of a camera. A way of me of getting comfortable. A way of me to sustain within the real of the lovErs and true motivation as I develop my way as I learn there are three levels when I practice chanting -WHich I did on the streets of Brooklyn as I walked to work. Yes. I decided to walk not to live in the subway. With what It is happening online. I write so there is less intents of trespassing or filtrations through online activity.

Walking Spoken wOrds I performance, with rocks and voice. En Francia en un momento con un gesto descubrí que había azules y rojos que no me pertenecían. Como esos mantos púrpuras, rojos y verdes de acumulaciones de las Vírgenes y Cristos. Y ASI LA BALA DE HITLER SALIÓ.
Joâquin Torres