The collections are available and would be delivered online  to put together as they puzzle it themselves in some digital files only with a lineal written of how segments relates to each other.  sIRg is a segment contained within me_23 that relates to the use of media and creativity related to wars and responses. It is itself a segment that separated the individual lives as it is my understanding that it was not written in the contracts.  TO be printed as wished.  There is also aScertain.  Sabes I would travel with yOu without the Table.
14, 000 USD on Zelle daily transactions during a week to  JPMorgan Chase Account, then the rest after one week with a Wire Transfer.  Same from another country. It is my preferred method; then a Cashier's Check.
Sincerely,  there was a moment after playing music on a rock many times with the handmade handles of the axes that I used for me_23. The inspiration made me brake it and there was 1 and 1 and 0; there was 2 0 -1; etc like a pi number. From that moment there was a drawing and then a picture. The collection by my choice was to be sold by July so to travel to France with a sexy car Ford Mustard Sport, then ?

Joâquin Torres  
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