The collections are available and would be delivered online  to put together as they puzzle it themselves in some digital files only with a lineal written of how segments relates to each other.  TO be printed as wished. It can be recreated into a different collection that can be sold at their name.   Table is digital files to make a table by coping the textures and doings of the table. All receives the same document which is a key related with segments of movements of money and studies. PlaZas are not related. Tables could be sold or to remains as places for conversation. Segments all relates and as it creates awareness it either would create obstructions or viceversa. 
14, 000 USD on Zelle daily transactions during a month  to  JPMorgan Chase Account, then the rest after with a Wire Transfer.  From another country a Wire Transfer. It is my preferred method; then a Cashier's Check.  The collection by my choice was to be sold by June 2023. I recover what I wrote before. It is expected 8% commission to from the total price to the person that manages the communication, either the art dealer or personal assistant. A Western Union transactions are accepted. 
Note: When I wrote that Zelle was told to limit the maximum to 5,000 USD. A cashier's check now is preferable or a wire transfer. I have my method and it was my way of going to the bank and say: Hello, I have been receiving these transactions - so there is proof, then in person I could relate to organize the total sume rather than a probability. It was my way to take care of a trace of the soul stone spirit that does not belong to me but a projection of others that belongs  to the system (Do you want to pay in USD or Euros? What is best if you are in Spain? -for example- From where the coffee is coming? who is seating next to you? If you are receiving a massage what the person does after? and so on-. so it would have been helpful at the other end of the buyer as well. It is how I manage greater or lesser levels of energy with simple structures that come promptly to me at real moments. tHe key are ways of unlock or lock with your money personal and company transactions that would reveal paths with dreams and small decisions that would effect like a butterfly effect. Always a level of awareness to take a decision and to speak about it. Sorry I had to write all of these as many though I did not know what I was doing and in this way you would have gain your own awareness. Unfortunately some of people that I was meant to meet we will not and others maybe. There are physicalities tht can not be changed.
Please notice that I am experiencing some difficulties with transactions as I am establishing myself in Valencia. Better to communicate with an e-mail for transactions.

The plazas and collections work in two different ways. One developing enriching conditions, one depleting conditions. Those dried conditions that were created over time and at the same time as a result of collective consciousness in relationships with everything that surround us. For example, tables may help you to take of and put on those that put on you an endless point of view so the elders or others laugh about you. Myself had a few encounters, we had intense conversations and they got clear. That I walk my way and you undo yourself as you walk my way. For example. Like after the boicots to Spain, US was introduced with Seat from France with a depleted conditions so they mostly took all of it. France did well back them when they way down to the South of Spain and before they left with the tail within their legs, they blew castles and cultures away. Therefore developed the black kiss, the thief oils and the black plaque or peste in France. La Coca Cola es refrescante and when I say that it removes and works in two ways so mind alike people get together. I like Mexican Coke, Coke in Spain sounds interesting to me. It can be perceive of two minds that of corse it come with a way of doing that when do it right it goes right. I was given a very powerful car in the US to drive to check my driving and the land I was taste was in a very beautiful cemetery. In which I could have speed up. Recently I am getting a car in which I feel sexy. There were few from France and as I drove before it was just fine. I chose another brand just because It suits me better.  Note: I practiced chi.gong for long time and finished with a seducing long most beautiful session on a lake beach in Stafford Spring. Of course =). Rather than  "Baywatch".  What do you want me to do.

Joaquín Torres  
541-913-9224  or e-mail me if a question after showing the interest with a transaction.