__her hand Grasped my hand in a moment my arm was under her breast with her back leaning on my body. Both fully naked, she was the model I drew for about 90 hrs.  I traced what I could  see of her;  I noticed it was the many ways they look at us. I asked her if I could posE with her.  

  _   May I portrait you within  a session of about 3 hours without looking at you with charcoal on paper varying on sizes from 48" to 80" while the width is 36".  I would remain between 4 and 6 days to remain lovErs withiN. Sex, sensual, love, outdoor activities, cooking sessions.

There would be a  photography composition from the portrait inspired by my palette of colors while the original would remain. Within two years the originals would be part of the next collection while the client would keep the photography and receiving 8% from the sale while payments could be done through  Zelle or Wire Transfer both to  JPMorgan Chase Bank Account  in advance so time and space sets us in place. 8% of what is at the town I am for a day or two.

fresh ice Roses perfume,  I danced under storms that were real, know when and let myself rest at the shore of a distant storm; at night walked the waters in shore. I evolved a spiritual name related to  my studies to my given name to remain in place to be pronounce by m3, Loain.

In reality,
Joâquin Torres   

Paper: E-surface 
Size: 12" x 12"
Price: 16,000 USD  aNd/oR 12,000 USD
541-913-9224 for Zelle Transactions to my JPMorgan Chase in the EE.UU. Or e-mail me if a question from abroad

Legal notice: Charge is for travel expenses and the action of portrait.  Am using a personal dedicated e-mail based on my projection of media to keep my relations intimate and private. It rather goes as well with a key. This means that some or many chose to listen to what was making my tongue dirty so I don't sound true so the others got the wrong message and I had to write all of this. Once I saw a coyote jaw.