__her hand grasped my hand and in a moment my arm was under her breast with her back leaning on my body. Both fully naked, she was the model I already drew for about 90 hrs. and I couldn't trace what I could  feel of her;  I noticed it was the many ways they're looking at us.
- May I pose with you.
We flowed  during a  process that led us to earn a new palette of colors.

- May I portrait you within  a session of about 3 hours with charcoal on paper varying on sizes from 48" to 80" while the width is 36".

__there is a  photography composition available from the portrait inspired by the new palette of colors. Original drawing is burnt as the created light was integrated by the essence that we have in common. Portraits contains a multilayered reflection that highlights the beauty that exist within. The client can enjoy the option to keep the work on paper for longer as it may please her ascetics.  Above there are two available and allowed to be shown.

In reality,
Joâquin Torres

Paper: E-surface print
Size: 12" x 12"
Price: 16,000 USD

Contact Information:
Preferable: torresjoaquinart@gmail.com 
Phone: 347-459-0782