I drink coffee and coffee contains at least 90% water.  Aprendí de la decomposición de Polla - ella - Pollo - Chicken chicken -Ruster Hens - Gallo Gallinas.  La formación de El y Ella. Tantos juicios sobre mí los últimos meses tal como me expresaba interpretando y procesando al caminar. No me importa dejarme por el momento si me importa coger para qué en lugar de conocernos. P y F. Una conjunción de letras y símbolos que se han desarrollado desde mi práctica para usar por mi o compartir por mï para permanecer e n lugar de madera madre que se muere. Recuerden o sepan que se que cuando viaje durante 2004-05, 1992 and 2017 three waves of souls and spirits developed along with a professional segment during my practices during 2020-2023. the personal inner moment in which I felt "they have a beautiful heart!"  And aspect that I could not feel so deep as how other would complain about my education and the relation and that it was not because all my education.

Joâquin Torres
At the moment of the Ceremony when I became a citizen in 2019, I crossed my fingers to gain an awareness of what was required of me. A gesture of me to differentiate from a collective thinking. At a dollar bill I looked to confirm the insight what I knew when I processed the collection of me_23. An organize response that would bring war to the lands of the US. Army against Army. That response was if sold by June 2023. A response that would have unlock itself. I write this again. Jun, 6-24.  The indignity to those that likes it no to those that they dumped . The body to those that dance even on a street or over traintracks after having ice-cream.
In Eugene I was walking listening to music with my headphones. The beatiful streets led me to an open garden private that invited. The garden was asking for a sculpture or perhaps the owners for a piece of art. I felt and I walk. Led I studied the garden and left a mark on the ground. An arrow pointing. I returned the next day to see if there was an answer. It is an intelligent garden. There was no answer. I saw no one, I erased the mark. One more time I felt a tide. I went another day around afternoon. There then an old woman came out the house. I said hi with my hand. She said in a rude mode what I was doing there and she asked to leave. I said I am an artist. She ask to leave as the husband came out to. With a gesture of no understanding I left. The energetic pull is what I say for that energetic pull is a mark humans have to buy the collections done and available at this moment on the website. If a woman or women that which profile am to relate and portrait to of I invited in France and related before are to come to me like models of naturalism did when learning to portrait like a do. If it was me a woman...

Note: Within the studies of Audiovisual Communications were: Journalism, Analogical and Digital Photography, Design, Marketing, Theories, Philosophies, Deontologies, Research Methodology, Business Methods, History of Cinema, Screenwriting, Realization, Law, Art Movements, History, Islamic Studies, Production,  .. I studied while working 6 hours daily and forming on Art-Therapy and Gestalt Physiotherapy. At the end of my staying in the South of Malaga I learnt the basics of pottery at an elder social program. I had fun like they did. Created side collections, participated in contests that led to collective public exhibitions and readings. My grades were between 8 and 10. Rarely a 6 or a 5. Just because I had to write this because some or many thought I was like a random artist.
Volubilis Nordtor ruins. To me wisdom I saw in the light of the ruins. Dinner in a city that opened up looking up from up to the mosque done. Sound. 
A note that I wrote before because sometimes I write like a newspaper. I wrote that due to the vibration of my art it is not available in the USA the plazas due to the drying conditions that were created through boicots that led to a self depleted system and an emotional need in which they could introduce has they pleased. In recognition of the dynamics it is allow the collections that have been generated. Specially the recognition for non allowing the sale of me_23 other side collections or mayor ones, according to the points of view were created.