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En Francia me acerque a una mesa donde había mujeres y hombres tras un tiempo de disfrute en la taberna de enfrente. Tapas, cervezas, buena música como Bebe sonaba. De las sombras el hombre se levanto y acercó a la mesa. Varias bellezas, algunos hombres, el restaurante lleno al mediodía. Le di una nota a ella en la mano como pergamino. Su corazón vibró. Volví a mi silla con el cuerpo cambiado. Me senté y unas mujeres reían a la luz del día en la mesa de al lado. Me senté y pregunte. Dijeron que los hombres ya no hacen eso. Son el tipo de mujeres que les gusta desde arriba. Bebí pan y viNo.
Knows was for me and did not need to speak or write thing down but the situation of trespassing and decay of the foundation was still around was that the first three portraits were made from the astral plane connection with Bianka, Anastasia and Mariza. A stone soul that was connected with me since before living. It was done at the time with invitation and they were supposed to order to buy online to pay as to me to deliver the benefits in person. As they did not, they became part of the influence within a segment of the collection me_23. Was keeping myself on place as I discovered pornstars as woman and women that took me naturally to appreciate escorts as woman women that were appreciating enjoying their lives. Choosing the man to be hired for or to become in love by themselves without me involve perhaps, some may have become part of that stone soul for letting me be feel like I am important for having certain connections within knowing that no man or women of certain types could not be connected to me as they usually turn into explosions that tends to be to take metaphysical aspects of my doings. Just in case or perhaps they did not relay on the sale or the problem most likely was that the buyers were connected with the idea of are you still with those women? To the degree of intervention there is a system of buying redesigned in a different collection of influences online and through the body as not to take though I also recognized how bitter I became poisoned by having small one time short spiritual intercorse by running into them at a store or places I was. I defined and left them behind as recognized to be part of the new vibe that adjust on a different boat with singers, musicians, people that smoke etc or rabbits to deal with emotions that depleats. There is a percentage of 4 4 4 2 1 2 at different times.

The Charcoal_ when I was in class at the age of 8 or so with a teacher call Francisco, I heard from his mouth with incredible surprise. I loved his enthusiasm, that charcoal has the same structure as a diamond. It was my own processing that I held within in conjunction with the wisdom of the methods to make materials from raw materials learned at Auto-Mechanics in conjunction with practice, technical drawing, humanitarian education and chemistry and maths. Never was explained about logarithm and loved trigonometry. To the point I could organize my teaching learning process with the quality of life that i was building to obtain a general grade of 7-8 out of 10. Once I respond about prehistory the right amount to obtain a 5 and my fellow at the time a 5 answering 5 perfect questions. To ways of being that walk together.
Later as the pandemic or reformulation of incarnation with internal forces appeared, the time came to apply after the collection AMINLOVE, therefore the intention and the method performed the drama at the moment of doing as to pass it to the lover so to earn his own love return by their own process in their daily life. Therefore it is understood to me by me that a trace or the highlights that are left on the paper have the values of diamonds gifted often as premarital gifts. Later by their own process, it may alter the composition of the related elements within the human body and the objects outside and  to recognize it as Its_ or rotten apples that could become veins or trees that struggles your options or lives. I play with numbers and it is expected around 120,000 USD value though it may increase to 160,000 USD range being obviously 8% or adjusted value at the gallery percentage as it is expected the gallery would be interested in being part of the investment as some would develop the same value of creativity linking us to keep a whole ergosystem afloat. A word form from ergonomics and ecosystem.

The highlights on the portraits would resemble movement and bring to the gallery the interactions to connect with people of different fires that may be depleting or needing to be shaken for a long standing night that stars with moves.
- Sometimes things are not at the right other because that is the spring movement through the 12-16 sessions a year contains that project into the others and that is how the exhibitions are organized and movement on galleries spaces for the vibration not to be stolen or depleted by others which means the success that is sustained. AnD, yes, it was written in the structure of the document. which I was supposed to keep the spirituality of it within but the problems because I felt my profile as women with a wonderful heart.

While I was performing the possibilities non related to aem_23 trespassing so to collapse their manifestation, I was developing as well the method of choreography to move vibrationally non altering  with hands and subtle moves - notice that between there is the one that was stealing and going to abuse women as to force them to be- A method that would have develop through the doing of the portraits myself. I appreciated Sound painting and I processed myself in the method aNd ways as I was walking. Like I did physically with my left arm creating independently a new choreography luminous within the astral plane of my existence at Stafford Springs. I understood the fixed images in relationships with the movements, lights, choreography, dances, women, relation within them the objects like phones, brakes and the public, music. I removed myself with the creation and left a mile vibe within the few that I selected as I was doing that could support the new performances as i called them selected and at that moment to be with my wife as she was dancing there and my son as well with some dancers that were with him._ I removed myself to enjoy the last sequence and to leave them be as to incorporate at the moment of interaction. When it ended, it ended. TO return, As I was processing and coding for the machine to record in live moments, along with the development of a dildo instrument that  covers both ends, I walk with the music as to separate myself from the music. I moved like the director as to articulate, related by no related to Group Constellations. I got myself within, my hand in my pocket. And it would be the meThod then.  At the gallery at the first opening can be the expectation of relate sexually and freely. There would be a table for which I applied the possibilities of trespassing at this apartment as not to be related to the Sacred Texts or the Last Meal - there was an intent to do the same for me at eWTC. which I rejected energetically.  It may be me, and or others on the table. Which I am quiet sure it would be me with my partner and one to be highlight some aspects up and others or some may join or take over. The intrduction to be part of it would be when fellows go home and share with close one "hey, I experience something great yesterday at a gallery, It is like a pond or beach which I would Bring yOu with me"_

WhilDesde el otono a marzo he estado rrocesando las esencias de las artrs que estudie emocionalmente tal como hablaba, caminaba y me exprsaba asi como en la mesa como en el suelo como en las paredes un aspecto reacionado con las artes que hice solo a cieross niveles asi como las permutaciones de eneagramas, mandamientos, penitencias, regalos y castigos tal como copia también y bebida y desarrollaba el cafe, las semillas que se plantaran para que no se convierta en lo mismo. así también procese movies o esferas que producen terrores e del futuro o no dejan dormir o crean las circunstancias y así van también para los lugares apropiados con las llaves que se han desarrollado , un argos o arboles específicos. la mesa y otros aspectos se desarrollaron como aspectos de los segmentos.  de la colección colectiva y las llaves en si proporcionan el reconocimiento adecuado tanto para mi como las personas modelos ... antes de que se llegue a la galería y  atraiga a las familias a apropiadas para comprar y reconocer como en el futuro llegaran a los museos los efectos como los hostales se desarrollarán escritos ya y los hoteles. l
Incluye formulación de los regalos que se sostendrán dentro de las familias con los distintos oros.