At a moment I was playing music on a rock that I treated as an instrument found-given in natura while developing the collection me_23. The collection contains different segments and one of them is Schön. A briefly dedicated precise etymological study of the phrase connectors on languages and the effects over time.    At a moment I stand and walked to the backyard, I  through the stone-instrument to the ground with the half intentions of braking it. At the sound tHere was 1 0 1,  and there was -1 2 0. I was seen also by someone else with a different thinking and feeling about the moment. This information could be use as moment for reset -1 2 0. 
My inclination is to offer the awareness of -1 2 0  to be sold to Apple. The reason is that at a moment of reset in my life I felt comfortable with an Apple Computer at the moment I was entering a stage of studying Audiovisual Communications and that help. Am aware also that Apple used some related information about genes and that there is a form of Tao or Dao, a degree of force of life that got out of place. My intuition says that to add this onto a stream of coding would help with the fights that are related with the interconnectivity of countries, cultures, planet, people, fauna, etc. rather than to lean towards a drastic reset that can be left for those personally. It is always expected to be some reorganization of people and countries as borders either natural or politically. Also after a few days, Instagram, Internet, Google. In any form it would ripple -Mar26:24. The awareness would be with a method. There is also 021+ for PC. Therefore it may bring inspiration for new real updates of software.
For an inclination of interest please follow the Zelle method as I understand just by reading this you could receive a moment of critical thinking. Or Youtube, Google, ... A point that marks a limit and reorganizes consequences. 

Luego use las piedras para embellecer el jardín. - This means here that when I was in NY I consulted the Illustrator guide for a project if not, the default works as well. It all shows.

Joâquin Torres